Scat Cats Off Broadway

Filmed: 3/14

Location: TaDa! Theatrics

Direction/Choreography: Dougie Robbins

Dancers: Dougie Robbins,Allison Blanchard, Kat Katona, Tim Eidman, Aisling Halpin, Hamilton Moore

A group of people share a night in a 1940's New York Jazz Club: The Drunken Stumble. This draft of act 1 follows there journey in the days after. Upbeat, romantic, passionate and entertaining, this piece is transports audiences in time.

"Here I Go"

Filmed: 10/18

Location: Washington Square Park

Direction/Choreography: Dougie Robbins

Filmography: Marinellie Moving Pictures

Dancer: Emma Driver Thomas

A chance encounter by a young woman with an ex-lover leads to a difficult decision. Using theater dance as a tool for storytelling, we watch as she wrangles with her choice: to continue on her path, or to turn back? 

"Scat Cats" 

Performed: 2/18 LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, 6/18 Dixon place and 10/18 MAD Festival Rochester NY. 


Direction/Choreography: Dougie Robbins Cast: Dougie Robbins, Allison Blanchard, Kat Katona, Hugo Brumont, Aisling Halpin, Will Rivera


"Scat Cats" is a story about a group of people sharing an evening together in a 1940's Jazz Club. The piece follows each of the characters as they meet, fall in love and celebrate together. "Scat Cats" sets choreographed movement on the wold-renowned improvised "Scat-singing" of Ella Fitzgerald to create a dialogue and a narrative for the characters onstage.